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Promoter: Fugitive Productions

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I’m David Gerratt, Founder of Fugitive Productions. Over the years, I’ve performed on a number of stages and promoted music in many settings — from a local farmers market to urban concert halls, from restaurants to stadiums. It is my mission and pleasure to bring unique and engaging entertainment to local audiences through partnerships with creative performance artists.

Since 2016, I’ve produced more than 200 music, comedy, and storytelling events, and sold more than 14,000 tickets to happy patrons, in a half dozen towns west of Boston. 

Fugitive brings some of the best musicians in the area to rooms that offer great amenities. Our venue partners are all great hosts. We offer intimate evenings of “listening” music in smaller settings — one to a few performers playing jazz, folk, bluegrass, blues, world music, flamenco, and more — as well as “blow-your-hair-back” dance bands in larger settings.


  • 35th Parallel (Stretching the Boundaries of World Music)

  • 440 (Gypsy Jazz)

  • The Big Little Band (Unique Cover Band)

  • BJ Magoon (Blues, R&B, Rock)

  • Jimmy Connor & Lauren Weintraub (Country Up-and-Comings)

  • Dunham Shoe Factory (Extraordinary Instrumentals)

  • Molly Flannery & Haley Peltz (Brazilian & American Songs from the Heart)

  • Kemp Harris (Blues, Funk, Soul)

  • HighCamp (High-powered ’80s Dance Music)

  • Will Dailey (Acclaimed Independent Recording & Performing Artist)

  • The Elements (Gorgeous Three-part Harmonies)

  • The Chris Fitz Band (Classic Rock, Blues)

  • Four-Legged Faithful (Bluegrass & More)

  • The Dave Howard Initiative (Jazz, Latin, Funk, Fusion)

  • The Johnny Hoy Band (Raunchy Blues, R&B, Swing)

  • The Hot Club of Pepperell with J-Bob & Lefty (Acoustic Jazz, Swing, Blues)

  • The Alison Keslow Trio, featuring Mark Jodice & Sai Ghose (Blues, Jazz, and more)

  • R.D. King (2017 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion)

  • The Love Dogs (Jump Blues, R&B, Swing)

  • Bruce Marshall (Award-winning Blues Performer)

  • Chris McDermott (Jazz, Blues & Soul)

  • Ali McGuirk (2018 Best of Boston Blues Artist)

  • The Daniel Miller Band (Alt-Country, Americana)

  • Myanna, featuring Ken Clark & Eddie Scheer (Very Saxy)

  • Juanito Pascual (Flamenco Guitar)

  • Michael Payette & Acoustic Roadshow (Tight Harmonies)

  • Jeff Purchon & Friends (Classic Rock, Strong Vocals)

  • The Response (Modern Retro Rock)

  • The Salty Dogs (Traditional Folk & Celtic)

  • Isabel Stover (Classic Jazz)

  • Lindsay Straw & Jordan Santiago (Traditional Guitar & Mandolin)

  • Laura Vecchione (Singer/Songwriter)

  • Walter & The Night Owls (Acoustic Alternative Folk Music Quartet)

  • Lori Zuroff & The Four Alices (All Women’s Jazz Ensemble)